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This is a complete list of all Frequently Asked Questions:

What do personal trainers like about the system?

Longer client retention, easier sell to sign up new clients.

Supports the way they already train, our application is flexible and does not require a trainer to change their philosophy.

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What do gyms like about the system?

Consumers cannot get this directly, increasing value of membership or providing an alternate revenue stream.

Pricing is completely up to each individual gym.

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Why is Custom Training better than the other programs?

Answer: Simplicity. We have found that the client is not interested in researching exercises and workouts. They do not want to come to the gym to get on the computer.

With Custom Training they check in press one button and have the work out prescribed by their trainer. If you do not have a computer for your clients to access you can print the workouts for them.

Most people love not having to decide for themselves what to do at the gym. Having a trainer decide their daily workout has been the most liked feature of Custom Training.

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What do clients like about the system?

Easily track workouts, remove the fear of not knowing what to do or doing it wrong.

Statistics show incremental results, meeting goals, inches lost, BMI changes, and more.

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Can anyone use this system for training?

No, this is for professional fitness trainers only. We will never make this system available to the public. Clients must have a relationship with a trainer to access this system.

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Is this an exercise library?

No, this is a system to promote your philosophy and your style of training—we are simply providing the tool to do so more effectively and with more reach. You record your own exercises and group them into your own workouts.

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How does Custom Training help me keep clients?

Look at the average time a client has been with you. Most clients love using a trainer but it becomes a financial burden they cannot continue forever. With Custom Training you can have a client work with you one or two days a week and then work on their own with workouts you have set up through Custom Training.

We are finding numerous clients that have had no intention of renewing with a trainer but have stayed because they could reduce the cost by reducing the number of times per week with the trainer but get his expertise on all their workouts. Long term clients are your best sales tool. Consider requiring a client to work with a trainer for sixty days prior to being allowed to work on their own with Custom Training. In sixty days you can have them working with the form and pace you want from the client.

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Who is Custom Trainer NOT a good fit for?

Custom Trainer works best when used by a trainer that plans their workouts. Organizes them for each client taking into consideration each clients individual needs. If you are simply doing the same workout for each client. Not tracking their progress or making sure they are getting a rounded complete body workout over time Custom Training is not for you.

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How does Custom Training save me as a trainer time?

Top trainers tells us that variety and programs designed for each client has proven to the be the most effective approach. With Custom Training you can create workouts for all areas of the body and in just a few seconds assign them to clients based on your knowledge of what they need. With a library of hundreds of exercises and workouts you easily find what you need for each client. If you cannot find it you can create it.

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Does my client need to remember a username and password?

Nope! Clients log in using their first initial, last name, date of birth and choose their trainer.

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Can trainers see each other’s clients?

No, trainers can only see their own clients and assign workouts to their own clients. In the Facility Version there is also a Lead Trainer, this person can see and administer to all clients in a facility.

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What happens to a workout once a client completes it?

It is reshuffled to the bottom of the 5 available workouts a client can choose from.

Trainers can go in whenever they want to assign new workouts to a client.

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How much time does the client spend at the kiosk?

Less than 20 seconds—we understand that clients are in the gym to workout, not use a computer.

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Can my client use their own iPad to record a workout?

At this time only trainers can use an iPad to record workouts, clients will need to use the paper printout. Our market research indicates that most clients don’t want to deal with carrying around a device in the gym that could potentially be damaged in an environment full of free weights and other people.

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Can my client record their workout themselves?

No, clients need to submit their workouts to trainers to record, this keeps trainers involved in their client’s progress and needs.

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Can my client log in from their home?

Yes, if you opt to allow this to happen. This is configured per-trainer or per-facility—so you decide when and where your clients can access workouts. Anyone that access Custom Training will need to use Safari or Firefox.

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If a trainer leaves a gym, can they download their client list to take?

If a trainer has the Trainer Version they can take their clients with them wherever they go and even work at multiple facilities.

If you have the Facilities Version clients remain the property of the Facility and a trainer cannot download a list to take with them.

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If a trainer leaves a gym can they transfer their client information to a new gym?

No, clients are the property of the Facility.

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How much time will a trainer spend creating exercises, workouts and assigning workouts?

We know you don’t have any time to waste, especially if you are familiar with the one-on-one training model where you only get paid when you are actively working with a client.

That is why we built Custom Training to be as efficient as possible.

Once the initial exercises and workouts are created trainers are spending on average between 10 and 20 minutes per day using the app.

If you spend this time creating and assigning workouts to 20 or more clients this could be the most profitable half hour of your day.

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Does a trainer have to use the kiosk in the gym to set up exercises, workouts, assign and record workouts?

No, trainers can use their own computers or mobile/tablet devices for this purpose. Custom Training is available in Safari and Firefox.

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Can a trainer use another trainer’s exercises or workouts?

Yes, exercises and workouts go into a shared pool for all trainers to use — however only the trainer that created the exercise, an exercise admin or  gym admin can edit or archive an exercise.

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Do any exercises come pre-installed?

Yes, 200 of our standard exercises come pre-installed as do five workouts. You can start using these right away or you can replace the videos with your own videos—or replace everything and start from scratch.

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I train clients remotely and want to add an intro video, how can I do that?

You can create an exercise called “Introduction” with your video in it, then assign this exercise to a workout and assign this workout to a client.

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I want this to match my website or gym branding, can I do that?

Yes, in the facility or enterprise version of the software we will work with you to translate your look and feel (colors, logo, background elements) into the client-facing portions of Custom Training.

Custom Training is “white-labeled” meaning our name, colors and logo never appear to your client.

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Can a trainer work at multiple gyms?

Yes, if a trainer has the Trainer Version they can work at one or multiple gyms or even no gyms (in the case of on-site personal training).

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Do you have a Mobile App?

Not at this time, although Custom Training is made to run on an iPad and other tablet devices using the built-in browsers.

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Do you have a nutritional component?

No, at this time we want to stay focused on supporting trainers and creating the best trainer/client experience.

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Do you have a scheduling / billing component?

No, at this time we want to stay focused on exercises and workouts.

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Do you charge per client or per workout?

No, you can create unlimited trainers, clients, exercises, and workouts. We never charge for usage above the annual or monthly license fee.

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Can I buy the Trainer Version and share it with multiple trainers?

The Facility Version is made for this exact purpose, to have many trainers working with many clients. The Trainer Version is for individuals only.

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What does it cost to put the Facility Version in multiple facilities?

Please contact us to get Custom Training in multiple facilities, we will work with you to provide the best value depending on locations.

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How are people pricing this?

Some facilities are allowing clients to work with a trainer once a week and use Custom Training the other days of the week, charging full price for the trainer session and half price for the Custom Training sessions.

Some facilities are allowing clients to meet with a trainer once a month and use Custom Training to workout, charging on a package/monthly basis.

Some facilities only allow Custom Training to be used when a client is going to be out of town (vacation or business trips) and don’t charge anything extra.

You can price and offer Custom Training in the way that best meets your business goals.

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What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please email us or give us a call at (801) 599-4271 and we’ll help you out.

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