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How are people pricing this?

Some facilities are allowing clients to work with a trainer once a week and use Custom Training the other days of the week, charging full price for the trainer session and half price for the Custom Training sessions.

Some facilities are allowing clients to meet with a trainer once a month and use Custom Training to workout, charging on a package/monthly basis.

Some facilities only allow Custom Training to be used when a client is going to be out of town (vacation or business trips) and don’t charge anything extra.

You can price and offer Custom Training in the way that best meets your business goals.

What does it cost to put the Facility Version in multiple facilities?

Please contact us to get Custom Training in multiple facilities, we will work with you to provide the best value depending on locations.

Can I buy the Trainer Version and share it with multiple trainers?

The Facility Version is made for this exact purpose, to have many trainers working with many clients. The Trainer Version is for individuals only.

Do you charge per client or per workout?

No, you can create unlimited trainers, clients, exercises, and workouts. We never charge for usage above the annual or monthly license fee.